Chocolate for breakfast

by spiceaholic on November 15, 2009

No day can turn out bad when it starts with this:


I really am liking this eating out of the pantry/freezer thing we’ve been doing the past couple weeks. I’ve only spent like $75 in the past couple weeks. That’s easily what we would spend for one week. I’ll admit about $10 of the total was spent on this awesome deal Kroger had on 2-liters of Coke products — buy 10 @ $1.29 each, then get $5 of the total. So we ended up with 10 bottles for $.79 each.

Anyway, so this has been a great lesson in using what we have and also how much we waste, as evidenced by all the expired stuff I threw out of the pantry earlier this week. The can of hot cocoa technically should have been tossed since the use by date was last month, but it had never been opened and the flavor sounded too good, so I’m taking my chances.

These frozen chocolate croissants were a pretty recent buy and no way were these going to be forgotten at the bottom of a freezer drawer. These were just too good for that kind of fate.

So last night I decided we’d try a couple of them. You are supposed to proof the frozen croissants by letting them sit out on your counter overnight (9 hours) and then bake them. This morning I stuck them in the oven to bake and that’s when I re-discovered my hot cocoa stash. I apparently was gifted with lots of hot cocoa last year around the holidays, so I’m taking the rest to the office to share with them.

I decided to make my hot cocoa with some chocolate Soy Slender we had in the fridge. I haven’t bought milk in a while and don’t really miss it. We are both lactose-intolerant, although I’m okay with it in cereal in limited amounts. We do keep cheese and yogurt since those are easier for us. Oh all right and ice cream too.

And here is our decadent and indulgent Sunday morning breakfast:


The smell of the croissants as they were baking were out of this world. Just as if we lived over a patisserie or boulangerie.

Now, croissants aren’t something I’ve let myself have too much, given their indulgent nature. How stupid I’ve been. The first bite brought back memories of the summer I spent doing a study-abroad program in France. Paired with the hot cocoa, I transported myself into a chocolatey blissful state.

What a wonderful way to start off a morning.

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