Cutting it close

by spiceaholic on May 7, 2009

Man, last night was all about rushing around at the last minute.

I had some time after I left work before I met my trainer, so I headed to the mall to New York & Company since I had some CityCash to use up. I found a lot of cute stuff but lost track of the time. For some reason I thought my training session was at 7:30. Mr. Spice called while I was trying on clothes to remind me he was doing a podcast that night. I checked the time and it was just after 6:30. I then remembered my session was at 7. Crap!! Luckily I was able to put everything on hold and was able to make it to the gym in time.

After getting tortured, I headed back to the mall and was very pleased to find out how much I saved. I had CityCash to use, which was $15 off every $30 in purchases, plus a lot of the stuff in the store was on sale buy 1, get one 50% off. I ended up spending just under $80 total taking all that into account — not bad for 2 dresses, 1 skirt, and 5 tops! I looked at my receipt and it said I saved over $128! My kind of deal!

Then I had to make it home before LOST started. I made it, don’t worry. 🙂

We’re flying to Florida tonight to visit Mr. Spice’s parents — we’ve become very bad over the years about not packing until the last moment. Last night was no exception. I think we weren’t even positive about the time our flight was, so we found that out then had to decide how to coordinate getting to the airport. I hadn’t even thought of what to pack by then. So I spent another couple hours frantically making a packing list and getting stuff together. It’s only for a couple days, but I get anxious about my clothes since they’re on the conservative side and even a normal v-necked shirt might look too slutty to them. I solved the problem by packing ethnic kurti tops, which look like these (that is NOT me in the pics). Once the clothes were done, I had to figure out jewelry (my MIL likes me to get dolled up for her) and books (I read voraciously, especially on trips). Done and done. Phew! Time for bed finally!

This morning I just had to pack toiletries and shoes and now I’m set for our trip. I’m actually looking forward to it because this time I plan to shadow my MIL in the kitchen and take notes on what she cooks so I can hopefully recreate it later. She and my mom are similar in that they’re intuitive cooks — they don’t really measure stuff, they just add stuff and know when to put it in and how much. So as you can see, trying to get a recipe is a bit challenging.

And that my friends is how I spent the last 16 hours or so. Rushing around and around. Basically my life story! 🙂

Remember, tomorrow night is the deadline for entering my Cookbook and Spice Kit giveaway!

Hope you guys have a great weekend and a Happy Mother’s Day for all the moms out there!

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