DC Food Gluttony Re-cap – Part 3

by spiceaholic on June 10, 2009

To make up for the lack of pictures in the past two recaps, there will be LOTS of pictures in this one.

Now in order not to bore everyone with details of the family stuff, I will skip over it. This in any way does not diminish the memories of seeing everyone that day, but since the majority of you have not met me or my family or are not members of my family, then it doesn’t mean the same to you. Just trust me that there was lots of squealing, giggling, hugging and all that. And Mr. Spice has it all captured on video.

The plans for Saturday were to meet Aunt #1 and my cousin in Georgetown and walk around a while and then we were going to drive to Maryland to have dinner at Aunt # 2’s house. Thankfully the weather had cheered up from Thursday and Friday’s rain and it wasn’t too hot, which was perfect for all the walking we did.

All of us were still quite full from the various breakfasts we had, but when I spotted a frozen yogurt place, nobody resisted. Well except for Mr. Spice and Aunt # 1’s friend. For some reason I thought this place was the one Sweetie Pie talked about a few times, but it was a different store. Hers was Tangy Sweet and this place was IceBerry.

Anyway, since we’d had a huge breakfast and an even bigger dinner was on the way, I opted to get a small chocolate frozen yogurt topped with raspberries. If they’d had a kid-sized I would have ordered that, since the small was the size of a small vat. That still didn’t stop me from finishing it off, but whatever.

Oh and I managed to sneak a pic of it while Mr. Spice wasn’t looking. Tee hee.

Doesn’t that look so refreshing?

So anyway, we walked around more, took pics, and then headed back so we could get ready for the drive to Maryland. Thank goodness I was following my aunt and her friend, because I think the directions I printed off Google maps would have taken us longer to get there.

Skipping over more family fun, let’s get down to dinner. Aunt # 2 really outdid herself. I seriously think she spent the whole day cooking. I wish I could have taken more and better pictures, but we were all starving and my camera battery chose to die at that point. But here goes.

First we have a lovely salad, cut up by moi:

Now some chicken kababs:

Then some tuna kababs (this is what they look like when properly deep fried):

And then some beef curry (notice the lovely bowl, which was a present from me!):

Unfortunately, the main attraction, which was chicken biryani, didn’t get photographed on me because of my stupid camera dying. Trust me, it was very good.

Oh and how could I forget dessert? I didn’t even remember to take pictures of it! We stopped en route to dinner and picked up a cheesecake sampler, an ice cream pie, and my sister brought her chocolate chip cookies. Don’t worry, I tried a little bit of everything! 🙂

And so endeth day three of gluttony. Day four is coming up!

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