It’s Six-o de Mayo!

by spiceaholic on May 6, 2011

What? So I missed a Cinco de Mayo post, but I bet not a lot of people are doing six-o de Mayo posts!

Even though a 4-day week is a 4-day week, to me it seems like they’re rougher when you have a day off on Monday, feels like the rest of the week is spent catching up from losing a day.  Or maybe I’m just making stuff up.

Anyway, here are the eats:

I promise I did eat different breakfasts on the days between my last post and this one.

So how did we mark Cinco de Mayo? Very pathetically with taco salads. 🙂 I had leftovers for lunch today, but decided to jazz them up a bit:

I made cheese crisps in the microwave at work to make some faux-chips. I’ll post the how-to for this in a separate post, where I’ll also discuss other lower-carb crunchy salty snack options.

Look how pretty I made it look!

Oh these things are evil. I don’t think they’re that spicy, more on the tangy side.

See? Can’t stay out of them!

I also had an EAS AdvantEdge Carb Control protein drink later on in the afternoon – I like these, they don’t have that “protein shake” taste.  Tastes like chocolate milk.  And no sugar either!

For dinner I convinced Mr. Spice that we should go out to eat. We were pretty good about eating in this week and I really wanted steak for dinner, so we went to Outback. I was proud of myself for planning ahead about what I was going to eat and tracking it beforehand. What made things easier was they now have a new “light style” option where they’ll prepare things without butter.

House salad, sans croutons. Had some ranch dressing on the side.

I had a sirloin steak with grilled shrimp and steamed veggies. And no, that’s not a shoe in the background, just the bread that I put far, far away from me.

I learned a couple important lessons today: 1) It doesn’t matter what I’m eating or not eating if I’m overeating anyway and 2) Just because I tracked and planned for the whole damn dinner doesn’t mean I need to eat the whole thing.

So with those words of wisdom, I shall call it a night.  I have a very early morning tomorrow — I’m walking the 2011 Komen Atlanta Race for the Cure tomorrow morning!  **P.S. if you’d like to make a donation, email me and I’ll send you the link! **

Have a great weekend!

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