My first cookbook

by spiceaholic on October 16, 2008

So I bet you didn’t know that I was first “published” while I was in first grade. 🙂

I found this the other day while attempting to clean up the disaster zone otherwise known as the guest bedroom/my office. Now keep in mind, this was about 22 years ago (God that makes me feel so old!), but I vaguely remember our teacher sitting down with us and ask us what our favorite recipe was and to describe how to make it, all while she took notes. Then our parents were supposed to submit their version of the recipe.

It’s pretty cute flipping through this little book. There were lots of recipes for pizza, french toast, and fried chicken, so I guess those must have been popular with 6 year-olds in Kansas in the mid-1980s. I will have to admit that I probably wouldn’t try most of the parent-supplied recipes, and of course I am biased, but I do want to try my mom’s recipe that she submitted.

Oh and I know I’ve been very neglectful and not posting recently, but we recently had the 9/15 and 10/15 tax deadlines and I was slammed at work. So now that we’ve made it through, my unintentional bento and cooking hiatus is over!

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