Pleasantly surprised

by spiceaholic on October 26, 2010

I’m too lazy to write out separate posts for my eats today.

Those of you who do so, do you post during the day from work?  I was trying to see if I could use the WordPress app on my phone to do a post, but it looks like it would be a text-only post.  Apparently you can insert pics, but when I tried to do so, it crashed the app.

After having oatmeal the past few days for breakfast, I needed something spicy to start the day today.

When I was buying frozen meals the other day, I was in a weird mood and none of the Smart Ones or Lean Cuisines looked that interesting. I can’t stand the Healthy Choice ones, so I skipped those. I started looking at the “regular” meals, meaning the non-diety ones. Those looked more appetizing, but they were also full of fat. However, I did manage to find a few that actually weren’t too bad. Like this one:

I steamed some broccoli to go with the meal and found myself very pleasantly surprised at how it tasted. Not bad at all! Definitely worth a repeat buy.  So it’s worth it to look around at the non-diet meals – no point in buying or eating something you don’t like just because it’s better for you.

Some strawberries for dessert.

I love the way strawberries look. I know they’re not in season, but it was worth paying a little more to get fruit that I like and will actually finish before it goes moldy or rotten.

Went the protein route for snacks this afternoon:

Got a touch of the grey yolks there . . .

Kept dinner nice and simple:

Angel hair pasta, pasta sauce, spinach, chicken andouille sausage, a little bit of olive oil, and parmesan cheese. I measured out one cup of pasta and found that when I didn’t wolf it all down in 2 minutes, it was actually filling.

Something sweet for dessert:

These are good. They’re smaller than some of the “diet” ice cream sandwiches you find in grocery stores, but they have real ice cream inside. I’m not trying to bash the other ones, I do like them, but sometimes you want a little of the real thing.

Ohh and I finally bought the camera I was talking about earlier!  I decided to go for the 2-day shipping so I could have it by this weekend.  I want to be able to play around with it since I want to take it to the FoodBuzz Blogger Festival.

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