Restaurant Round-Up: Dez Persian Grill, Peter Chang’s Tasty China 2, Moxie Burger, Dawg It

by spiceaholic on May 29, 2012


I think I’ve found a solution for sharing some of the restaurants we go out to eat at without having to do long review posts for each one.  I did a restaurant round-up a few months back where I got to name the restaurant and show off our eats without having to wax poetic about the ambiance and all that.  So I think I’m going to start doing more of those.

This next restaurant round-up features ethnic eats as well as American favorites.

Dez Persian Grill

Located in Vinings, Dez Persian Grill serves Persian cuisine and in my opinion, offers another ethnic option to all the Chinese/Thai/Japanese restaurants in the area.  I like eating Persian food but don’t always want to make the drive up to Roswell Road and Sandy Springs, so this works out for me!



Feta. walnuts, and fresh herbs.


Persian naan.


Kashk-e-badamjan, a creamy eggplant dip made with roasted eggplant, fermented whey, caramelized onions, garlic, mint, and spices. Oh so good! Our waitress scolded us for not finishing it and insisted on packing extra naan with it so we could enjoy later.

Kabab time!


Soltani kabab — one kabab barg (grilled beef steak) and one kabab koubideh (ground beef kabab), along with basmati rice and grilled tomatoes.  I smothered mine with sumac for some flavor and tang  and was in heaven.

Peter Chang’s Tasty China 2

Our trip to China in 2010 left us with a taste for authentic Chinese food, so Mr. Spice and I have made it a point to seek out and try some of the places nearby.  Our first foray was to Tasty China, and we just discovered a second location closer to our house, Tasty China 2, which specializes in Szechwan cuisine.  We do like it spicy!

Scallion bubble pancake with curry sauce — this was exactly like a poori!


Dry fried eggplant — most of the reviews we read about Tasty China 2 recommended this, so who were we not to listen? Our friend Lopa was with us for dinner and we were joking that so far we were eating variations of Bengali food — pooris and begun bhaja (fried eggplant)!


I believe this is the hot and numbing combination, sans the beef.  It had chicken, fish, vegetables, and clear noodles in a chili broth.  The heat definitely hit you!


I think this was the mixed seafood in clay pot.


Another specialty — bamboo fish!  This was my favorite of all the dishes.  Minus the cilantro, of course!


I’m already looking forward to the next time we come back!

Moxie Burger

There is no shortage of burger places in the Atlanta area. Mr. Spice and I have a couple favorite places, but we’re always up for trying out a new spot. Moxie Burger is tucked away in the East Cobb area in an office park, but the vibe is definitely family-friendly.

Coke Zero, my drink of choice!


I created my own burger — turkey burger, onion, cheddar, onion straws, and moxie sauce. I’m in a fried pickle phase right now, so if I see them on menus I make it a point to give them a try. These were good!




Dawg It

I told you hot dogs would be the new “thing!” We’ve seen quite a few new hot dog restaurants pop up around Atlanta lately. Dawg It is located in the Smyrna area, near us, and I’ve passed by it on the way home for at least a couple months now, so I figured it was time for us to try it out.

I got a Chili Dawg and subbed a red hot link for the hot dog. And of course I had to get fries with it!



Yum yum!

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