Big weekend!

by spiceaholic on September 20, 2009

This weekend had some important things going on, but of course we put our laid-back spin on things.  🙂

Mr. Spice and I had our 5th wedding anniversary on Friday.  We are going to celebrate it later on since we were both busy – me with work and he was busy organizing the Atlanta LinuxFest that took place this weekend.  I will admit I was annoyed that we weren’t even able to go out to dinner to celebrate but he and the other organizers had a lot to do that night, so I stopped by while they were taking a break to see him and meet everyone else.   Don’t worry, he got lots of crap from everyone else about missing our anniversary.  And he WILL make it up.  Muhahahaha.   🙂

Today was Eid, which marked the end of Ramadan.  Eid is like our Christmas — lots of celebration, food, visiting, etc.  When we are able to celebrate with our families it’s more fun, but the past few years it hasn’t worked out since it keeps falling during my fall tax season and I can’t really take off time around then.  Usually everyone celebrates by attending a morning communal prayer and then the rest of the day is spent visiting everyone and having fun.   We are usually pretty low-key about it when we’re not celebrating with our family.  I spent the morning and early afternoon texting and calling people to wish them Eid Mubarak.  Then some friends of ours invited us to their house to hang out — I ended up going alone since Mr. Spice wasn’t feeling too good.  It’s tradition to give the kids gifts so I stopped to buy an outfit for our friends’ son and picked up some chocolates to bring as a house gift.  I was planning on making a traditional dessert but it just didn’t happen.  It was good to go hang out with them and I got to eat some yummy Bengali food as well — pulao (spiced rice), beef curry, chicken roast (which isn’t really a roast!), and a couple types of kababs.  They made me pack a plate for Mr. Spice as well.

Once I got home I remembered I had some beef that needed to be cooked so I did a quick beef and veggie stir-fry so that we’d have dinner and lunch for a couple days.  And then I decided to go ahead and pack a lunch for tomorrow so I wouldn’t have any excuses.


Yes, I’ve been bitten by the bento bug again.  It’s so weird of me, but whenever I’m too busy to pack bentos is exactly when I start getting obsessed by them again.

I have some brown rice (from one of those nuke-in-a-bag deals from Uncle Ben), a fancy schmancy fake grass food divider, and then the beef and veggie stir-fry.  In the smaller container I have some fresh raspberries (the ones that weren’t going moldy), a chocolate square, and an orange dreamsicle mini-cake (from Costco).

Can I say how much better this will be then getting some crappy fast food?  Plus it’s been raining forever and this way I don’t have to leave the office tomorrow and get soaked.

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Sweetie Pie September 22, 2009 at 12:09 pm

Happy Anniversary to you and Mr. Spice!!!

I just learned about Eid this year. One of my close friends at work has a boyfriend who is Moroccan, and he took advantage of the holiday this year to propose to her. I’m just hoping she sticks with her plan to have a destination wedding in Morocco. I’ve wanted to go there forever! I’m glad you enjoyed the holiday!

Nabeela September 22, 2009 at 10:02 pm

That bento looks awesome! I love having a wide variety of foods for my meal. They make me feel satiated very easily. I am sorry to hear Mr. Spice wasn’t feeling well on eid day 🙁
I hope he is doing well now(it was probably all that working on Friday!).

spiceaholic September 23, 2009 at 8:21 pm

Sweetie Pie — Thanks! Ooh a destination wedding sounds fun!

Nabeela — Thanks, he’s feeling a lot better!

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