Daily Bites – 12/2/13

by spiceaholic on December 2, 2013

someecards.com - I screwed up my diet for this Monday. Looks like i'll have to wait until next Monday since diets can't possibly start on any other day of the week.

Okay, so I haven’t screwed up yet, but this is very much my mentality!  And the only reason I haven’t screwed up yet is because I don’t have a plan!

Just a heads up that on these daily bites posts, the pictures are going to seem very ugly because I’ll most likely be taking them on my phone throughout the day  while I’m busy getting ready for work, at work, and after work when I’m too tired to care.  For more pretty pictures, you’ll just have to be patient and wait for a recipe post!

Oh and I may not always be chatty, okay?

And I promise not to turn into one of those people obsessed with oatmeal, almond butter, and salad. Pinky swear. You will see some packaged foods since I’m trying to use up what we have at home, plus they do come in handy and I like them.  Just wait until tax season starts again – I pretty much eat out of boxes and bags exclusively.

Breakfast part 1:  Weight Watchers Vanilla smoothie made with unsweetened vanilla almond milk, pumpkin pie spice, and a couple splashes of pumpkin pie spice creamer.


Breakfast part 2: Nutrisystem blueberry muffin.  These aren’t so bad, they go better with a cup of hot tea to cut the sweetness.



Lunch:  I tend to eat out a lot at lunch because I decide I don’t want what I brought, so I figured if I brought something I liked I’d eat it.  Leftover basmati rice, zucchini and turkey kofta, and some baby spinach.


Afternoon snacks that didn’t want their pictures taken:  Fage Total 0% Raspberry (the cup that comes with a side of fruit puree) and a packet of Weight Watchers BBQ popped crisps.

Dinner: Morningstar spicy black bean veggie burger on a light bun with 2% pepperjack, carrots and tomatoes with salsa ranch yogurt dressing.


Dessert:  Nutrisystem carrot cake whoopie pie.  Despite me zooming in, this was a wee little thing, but surprisingly filling.


Oh and I exercised!  Did a 30-minute Leslie Sansone workout — these are nice and easy and great for getting back into a routine.

See you tomorrow!


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