When Being on the B-List is a Good Thing!

by spiceaholic on March 6, 2017

We’re always told to make straight As, be on the A-list, etc.  But what if I told you that in one situation in particular, it’s actually preferable to be on a B-list?

I recently learned that there is a growing group/community of businesses called certified B-Corps that are working together to redefine success in business. What does this mean? These companies are striving to meet the highest standards in social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability.  Basically, these are companies with a conscience who are trying to be responsible to the global community as a whole and to the planet.

This is such a noble objective and in my opinion a refreshing change to the image of the big greedy corporation that we’re used to seeing. I hope that it’s a movement that continues to gain traction.

I’m especially proud that Stonyfield Organic has recently received its B-Corp certification and even prouder to be working with them as part of the Clean Plate Club – I already knew they were pretty awesome but this just adds an extra layer of awesomeness!

Stonyfield BCorp

To celebrate this achievement, Stonyfield Organic sent members of its Clean Plate Club a goodie box of treats from fellow B-Corp companies. I was happy to see several companies that were already familiar to me such as King Arthur Flour, Preserve, and Method. Companies new to me were Pukka, Purely Elizabeth, and Pete and Gerry’s.

B corp goodies
As always, I’m excited to try new products and I was happy to see Stonyfield’s own new Grassfed Greek yogurt as part of the goodies!

A big congratulations to Stonyfield Organic for this achievement! I hope to continue to see great things from them!

To learn more about B-Corporations, you can go here.

*Disclosure: Stonyfield Organic provided me with samples of their yogurt and compensated me for this post as part of their Clean Plate Club and provided me with samples from Pukka, King Arthur, Purely Elizabeth, Method, Preserve, and Pete and Gerry’s as part of this month’s campaign. All opinions are my own.

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