Daily Bites – 1/14/14

by spiceaholic on January 14, 2014


Here’s the eats for today:

Pre-commute rainbow smoothie for Mr. Spice and me made with water, mango green tea Crystal Light, kale, clementines, strawberries, blueberries, and frozen mango chunks.


During my commute I had a protein shake. At least once or twice a week I work out of our other office which is located an hour northwest of Atlanta. This commute is longer than my usual in terms of mileage but they both take about the same amount of time due to sucky traffic in Atlanta.


Had a meeting this morning and then had 1/2 of a whole wheat bagel with Jif natural PB with honey and cinnamon.


Ended up going out to lunch today with some coworkers at one of our usual lunch spots. I love the Pollo Mexicano at this place — it’s grilled chicken breast with the most amazing chorizo I’ve had, all covered in queso. It comes with rice, beans, and tortillas. I usually just have one of those. Today I asked for lettuce instead of the rice and beans and skipped the tortillas to limit the damage.


Lunch kept me full for a while, then I had the rest of my PB sandwich from this morning around 4:30.


After work, I picked up Mr. Spice and we ran a couple errands. I was feeling lazy about dinner, so decided to stop at Publix to pick up a rotisserie chicken. I love their Mojo-flavored chicken, that’s really the only one I’ll buy. I steamed some broccoli to go along with the chicken.


We are down to the last couple cupcakes from birthday stuff this past weekend! I went for the girly Pink Fudge cupcake but could only eat about half of it. On Friday we had cupcakes at work from Gigi’s to celebrate my birthday, and then on Saturday I picked up some cupcakes from Smallcakes since I was having friends over to hang out after going out for dinner. I’m a little cupcake-ed out!



Good night!

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Lottie Nevin January 15, 2014 at 7:28 am

I’m enjoying seeing what you eat everyday 😀 I started the Paleo diet a week ago (I have 4 stone to lose, not sure what that is in pounds but one stone = 14ibs so 4×14 YIKES!) and seeing pics of the cupcake and the mexican chicken in a pool of queso, almost tipped me over the edge! I’m doing ok on it though and eating my way through a mountain of vegetables, etc. I’m not missing the carbs and dairy nearly as much as I thought I might but yes, thank goodness that cupcake of yours is on the other side of the computer screen otherwise it may well have ended up on my plate!! Happy eating in 2014 to you. Cheers! Lottie

spiceaholic January 18, 2014 at 9:14 am

Hi Lottie!

Happy eating in 2014 to you too! I don’t think I could do Paleo, so hats off to you! As you can see, I haven’t done as well about cutting out the indulgences, but hopefully I’ll start getting my act together! 🙂

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